The beautiful Angel came to us along with her little friend Ella.  Both were rescued from the doggers by a lovely lady whose circumstances then changed and she needed to rehome them.

Angel seems to have suffered quite a nasty cut on her back leg at some stage and has some scaring.  This has made her a little "leg shy" so we are working with her to overcome her fear of having her back legs touched and hooves trimmed.

Angel is otherwise a huge smooch who loves being around people ..................and food!  :)

Hi Everyone,

My name is Angel and I’m a 10yo, 16hh draught mare who is a big chunky lump of love.  

I LOVE people, and food, and pats and food and other horses, and food and dogs and food and apples & carrots (oh wait, they’re food right???  I love them though), and going for walks, and chaff (food again huh?), actually I love everything... except being ridden - nooooooooooo I don’t like that one bit and if you even try to ride me I will not be an Angel at all.... I don’t mind a float ride if I’m in the mood for it, and I only like really patient farriers (I like to test them out but if they are nice, then so am I).  I’m a comedian, a confidant, a best friend and a great babysitter for the youngies and I’ll even look after the oldies if you like.

So if you would like a reliable gardener and best friend, who can double as a babysitter, then I’m your gal and you need to contact the HHH team on  I will cost you $500.00 as a lease fee (this goes to help my brothers and sisters at HHH).

I look forward to hearing from you,

Love Angel