Lisbone Park Grand Angus is a Clydesdale gelding 6 yo 16.3 hh. HHH's mascot and all round smooch who does a great job promoting HHH and horse welfare in general at all events HHH attends. Angus is also used for demonstrations for teaching basic horse care and welfare. Not available for adoption but always available for a kiss!

Angus was surrendered by his loving family who found it difficult to care for him in their part of the country.  Angus was suseptible to the dreaded Queensland Itch and made life very uncomfortable for him.  Here in Yass we don't have that horrid condition so Angus is doing really well.  His mane is growing back from where he rubbed it out because of the itch, and he has settled in beautifully to his job as HHH Mascot!