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Camden sales saw a beautiful young gelding overlooked by so many and headed for the doggers.  HHH bid agaiinst them resulting in Forest coming to stay.  He got his name from Manda - she said "people at the sale couldn't see the Forest for the trees".  So many people thought he was ugly... we can't see it. We think he is beautiful.

He had some teeth problems, but thanks to our wonderful vet team, his teeth should be almost normal in no time.

Forest now has an amazing forever home with Jane and Huntsy and some horse, cow and dog friends and is being treated like the king he is!














10th January 2013 - Forest has been with us for 2 months now and is coming along really well.  His nerves have settled and his teeth are correcting themselves.  He is filling out iin all the right places and seems to be a much happier and settled boy.