Miss Molly came to live at HHH with her paddock mate Ben after their mum had had some medical issues and wasn't able to devote the time to them that they required.

Always well loved and cared for, these two settled into HHH life quite easily.  Molly has impeccable manners (most of the time) and is a really good girl to do pretty much anything with.

Molly does have ringbone in her front fetlock and therefore is only able to have very light work done and definitely no circle work or lunging.

A home in an itch-free area is a must for our Molly as she tends to suffer itch quite badly.

Molly is saddle and harness trained and although not really for a beginner, she's is lovely for a nice quiet plod.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Hello Peeps!

Molly here.  I stand about 16.3hh and have a big chunky body.  My dad is a Belgian and my mum is a Clydie/Percheron cross.  I'm going to be 14 this year.

I'm mega freindly ESPECIALLY if you have carrots, apples, bread, licorice, hay, chaff or anything that resembles food.  They call me the HHH Nutri Bullet cos I can jam two apples and two carrots in my mouth and juice them all at once.... true!!  You wanna see????

I do get a bit cranky with other horses if I think they are going to get any of my food so I much prefer to eat alone.

I can take you for a ride but not too far or fast as I do have a ringbone issue in my fetlock.  At the moment that is being managed with a good regular hoof trim, keeping my weight at a good level and just very light work.  I MAY need to have some Pentasan one day though if it gets too sore.

Please let the HHH team know if you'd like to apply for me to come and live with you by emailing them on info@heavyhorseheaven.com.au.  I will cost you $1,500.00 as a lease fee (this goes to help the others at HHH).

MWAH!!!  Love Molly xxx