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Percheron X Saddlebred



***Rehomed*** The delightful HHH Odin is looking for his new forever home as a companion horse. Odin is the equivalent of a big Labrador who just loves being with people and being fussed over.
Odin is a Percheron x Saddlebred 16yo gelding who has had VERY basic minimal education but is a delight to handle. He catches YOU, he's great to trim and float. He does have a very minor case of stringhalt at the moment that really doesn't bother him at all, but he will flick his leg up now and then. This may never disappear, but will more than likely lessen over time.
He's great with other horses, dogs, cars, etc, but can be a bit dominant over food. He's not for a beginner as he tries to put it over you so someone who is confident would be his best buddy!
Odin would be an amazing therapy horse.
Odin's Lifetime Lease fee is $500.

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