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Amy is a beautiful Irish Sport Horse mare of a spritely 21 years.  She was bred and trained by Lamperd Equestrian Services and is a thorough joy to be around.  Amy has always been a well-loved girl and was surrendered to HHH as her family had to go through some changes and she was going to waste not being ridden.

 Amy did come to us with a case of stringhalt and some teeth issues, but they are now all clear and she is a picture of health and happiness.

Amy is a beautiful riding mare, and whilst she is wonderful to do anything with, she’s not for a complete beginner.  She loves people and loves being around people.  She is great with other horses, dogs, etc.  A dream to catch and pedicure, but she does have a problem with floating.  Amy had a floating accident quite some time ago and is a very nervous floater.

As with all our rehoming, we are after a caring forever home for Amy and someone who will love her as much as we do.  As per our contract, she will not be able to be bred from nor sold on and will need to be returned to HHH if her new family are not able to care for her at any time for any reason.


8 May 2015




Congratulations to our beautiful Amy on securing her new forever home!!! She will be hanging out for the rest of her days with Denise, John, their gorgeous pooches and the irresistible HHHHerbie!!'

Thank you Denise and John for loving our family like we do!!

The HHH Team

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