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HHH Darius

Darius was purchased in early 2012 from the doggers by a lovely lady named Irene.  Irene worked trying to put weight on Darius tending to his health needs, however he proved to be a bit of a handful for her and Irene contacted us to ask if we'd take him in.

Darius is a majestic old stateman thought to be around 30 when he came to us, although you can't tell him that!  I'm sure he believes he is still a spritely five year old even with his tendon problems, club foot and arthritis and coming in at around 250kgs underweight.  Darius thrived with the good food and veterinary and farriery care and now looks a picture of health.

Darius has now found himself a wonderful new forever home as a babysitter to young Quarter Horses and a family that adores him! 



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