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HHH Jala (RIP)

Rescued 5th February 2012 - 26th April 2012 ... RIP Beautiful Jala


February 2012

Carcoar in NSW held sales on Saturday 4th February, and luckily for us and Jala, a wonderful lady named Colleen Brown saw this lovely mare and the state she was in.  Colleen contacted her friend and HHH supporter to see if we wanted to help her - of course we did!!  Colleen not only bid for her on our behave, but she won, chased down the person who bought her to the sales, cared for her, fed her and made sure Jala was safe and comfortable until we could get there the next day to pick her up.  The wonderful Sal prepared herself for a big trip and took off to pick up Jala the next day and bring her back to HHH.


Tuesday 7th February and Olivia (vet) and Glen (farrier) met Jala to see what we are dealing with and to plan her recovery.

Jala had a nasty cut to her head which required stitching and stapling, there was a possibility she was pregnant as she had been running with a stallion (fortunately she is  not), she is very very underweight, it appears her tail may have been broken up near her rump and then there's her hoof... she has a shocking case of Persian Slipper and even worse, canker :(


Apart from her physical injuries, poor Jala seems to have had some unpleasant experiences and will also need to have her trust in humans rebuilt.  This poor girl is definitely a LONG term project and we will do everything possible to help her back to health.

March 2012

We are making slow progress with Jala.  She is putting on weight and allowing me to touch her face and pat her cheeks and nose while she eats from a chaff bucket.  She is so very very wary and headshy and is going to take a lot of patience and persuasion to trust me or anyone else again. Jala was smart enough to ditch her headstall after we had worked on her and now is proving quite challenging to catch.


We really need some yards to coax her into and work with her.  Until we can catch her, we cannot do much more for her hoof - we are working on building up her nutrition which in turn should encourage new hoof growth and hopefully this is help in the treatment of her bad hoof.  She seems to really WANT to trust, but is just so frightened.  She's a beautiful girl.

April 2012

After working with Jala on a daily basis to gain her trust, I was able to slip a lasso rope gently over her head whilst she ate from her feed bin.  Although she wasn't happy about being caught, she did allow me to slide a collar around her neck and attach a lead rope.   I worked with Jala by feeding her and gently holding the rope working my way closer to her and after 3 days was able to pat and brush her neck, body and rump.  She still was not happy about having her head touched though.  I can't tell you how good it felt to be able to give her loving pats and rubs.  I spent many afternoons grooming her and she seemed to really enjoy it too.


26th April, 2012

Today was such a sad day at HHH.  Today we gave our beautiful angel her wings to go to the Rainbow Bridge after her battle with her injuries and neglect.  Sadly Jala's hoof had been badly damaged quite a long time ago and infection had set in.  The infection had eaten away at her pedal bone and there was nothing we could do to fix it. Jala left us peacefully and with much love.  RIP beautiful girl... xxx

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