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March 2012

Zen is growing into a very very handsome boy.  Now that all the rains have disappeared and everything has dried out a bit, we will be gelding him as soon as we can organise my full time work and Olivia's hectic vet schedule.. :) He is a pure pleasure to be around and is such a sweet natured clown.

January 2012

Zen has come along way since coming to HHH.  All his cuts and bruises have healed and so has his trust it seems.  When he first arrived, he was an unhandled, terrified little man, but he has learnt that humans aren't all bad and some of them even have yummy stuff to eat!!

He now knows his name and will come running when called.  He LOVES a good cuddle and scratch.

December 2011

Zen's story started in early December when we were alerted to his time running out to find a home.  Zen was due to be "processed" if a home wasn't found for him within a day or two.

A wonderful lady from QLD paid Zen's fee to the dogger company and donated him to us at Heavy Horse Heaven.

Zen is due to be picked up this Sunday by HHH Manda and HHH Kazz to be bought from his temp holiday home with Excalibur Shire & Drums in Camden to Canberra.  After a bit of a transport mix up, little Zen was able to stay with Isobel and Martin and their family while we organised to bring him home.

We are unsure of Zen's age or breed at this time, but we will update his page when we know.



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