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Honey and Popcorn


In early February this year we were notified of two beautiful mini's who were left dumped on a property by people who had sold it.  The new property owners were not horsey type people and had no idea about handling or caring for these little guys.  Thankfully they surrendered them to us to rehome.

Apart from being overweight and needing a good hoof trim, these two seemed to be in OK health.  Both are very cheeky but definitely the most lovely little guys ever.


 Unfortunately, little Honeycomb had foundered in all four hooves quite badly and was in a great deal of pain.  She desperately needed some pain relief, weight management and a hoof trim.  Glen and Julia came straight out to tend to her feet and respiratory problems. Olivia visited a couple of days later and we xrayed her hooves.  Poor little Honeycomb had rotated her pedal bone in all four feet.  We gave her some pain relief and concentrated on her weight issue.  We also took bloods to test for a possible liver problem as she was a little jaundice, but thankfully she got the all clear.  She was much more comfortable within 24 hours from her trim, and her breathing became more normalised.  Within a week, her weight had dropped, her breathing was normal and her feet were no longer painful.  


Honeycomb is a sweet little lady of 8 yo.  She is great to handle and a real smoocher.  She's doing really well with her new svelt look.


Cute as a button and twice as cheeky!!  Popcorn got his name because he looked like he was about to "pop"!

 Sporting a lump on his bottom lip, we investigated and found he had had an accident at some stage a long long time ago that had split his bottom lip quite badly.  It has healed and the lump is just scar tissue that formed.  It doesn't bother him a bit, however it appears that the tooth in that area was damaged and has died off.  We will xray him and see if the necrosis in that tooth is spreading or if it is contained - fingers crossed it is contained.  Poor little Popcorn also had something wedged deep into his hoof that appeared to be a piece of wire or stick.  Glen removed it and treated the puncture wound and we gave him a tetanus booster.

Thankfully Popcorn hadn't foundered but was also put on a diet  to manage his weight.  He is a devil to catch, but once you do he is the sweetest little smoocher!!

Popcorn is now looking much better with his sleek little body.

Both ponies have been offered a fantastic home together and once we xray Popcorn's tooth and decide on whether we need to do more or not, they will go off to live a life of luxury and will never have to endure being so overweight or in any pain again!


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