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Miss September (Yarramine Banner) (RIP)

Rescued from Camden sales 23rd September 2011 - given her wings 28th May 2012



WOW... what an up and down couple of days it has been.  Yesterday our wonderful helper Amanda found a older clydie mare that had been sold via Camden Sales to the doggers.  Amanda let me know about her and then she pulled out all stops to track her down to see if we could save her.  Amanda was finally able to speak to the man who had bought her, but was told she had already been sent to Newcastle and would have been processed by now.  To say we were devastated was an understatement. However..........

Today we were contacted by the wonderful Karleigh from Abs Standardbreds who said she had word that the mare was actually still alive and we had a chance to make enquiries after her.

We were able to speak to a wonderful lady who has the mare today and I am so very very pleased to say that we have bought her and she will be coming home to us here on 5th October.  She is being cared for and they assure me she will be fine until they transport her back to Camden for us to go and pick up.  5th October cannot come quick enough!!

Diane tells me she is a very sweet girl who is smoochy and quiet.  She also has a cancer on one eye so she will need some checking as soon as she comes home.  From the photos, she doesn't look in too bad condition, but we will certainly be giving her lots of TLC.

She is registered and as soon as we get a look at her brand we will look her up and find out what her name is.  For now, I'm calling her Miss September!

And so Heavy Horse Heaven begins for real.  If anyone would like to sponsor Miss September, please feel free to contact us at heavyhorseheaven@gmail.com.

Thanks everyone!

Photos below are from Camden Sales facebook page.



















Kazz and Amanda drove to Tamworth to pick up "September" from the doggers yards as her transporter had fallen ill and wasn't able to bring her to Camden.  She was a little stressed when we first met her, however some calm, quiet words and some tasty carrots saw her calmn down quite quickly.  She walked straight onto the float and gave us the look of "OK - I'm ready - lets go!".  The trip home was 10 hours long and she never put a foot wrong.  This lady was a pro and we're quite sure she has floated quite a bit in her day.  She isn't horribly malnourished but is under weight and has a nasty cancer on her left eye



Olivia from Brindabella Equine Mobile Vet came to check "September" this morning.  Unfortunately her eye is so bad it needs to be removed.  Olivia thinks her eye has been in this condition for some time - so very sad.  She is booked in for Tues 12th October for the operation so hopefully the poor baby will be feeling like a million bucks in no time.  The amount of pressure and pain she must be feeling must be horrible.  She is on pain relief so hopefully that will take the edge of.

 She is the most sweetest horse.  A real lovely girl, very kind and gentle and seems to really love people.  I'd hate to think what this girl has been through in the past couple of weeks, so to be so trusting and well behaved is amazing.  We believe she knows she is in a good place and is being loved.

If anyone would like to sponsor "September", please email us at heavyhorseheaven@gmail.com and we will send you the details.  Her surgery is going to be quite expensive, but we believe she deserves a second chance.  She is only 20 years old (we think), and as soon as the weather clears up and we can give her a bath and shave her brands, we are hoping to find out more about this beautiful girl.


September's operations has been put back a little and will now be taking place on Wednessday 19th September.  This isn't such a bad thing - it will give us another week to get her weight up and her energy levels up.  She's doing really really well and seems to be quite comfortable.  She's booked in for a pedicure on Monday too so she'll feel much better then.  :)


Today September had a pedicure, some chiropractic work and some acupuncture - it was absolutely amazing to see the difference in this lady after each treatment.  A big thanks to Nashama Equine who tended to our girl today.



Well what a day. The xrays came through clear so we operated, however the tumor turned out to be attached to the bone at the bottom of the eye socket. Olivia (vet) did her best to get all of the tumor from the bone and was confident she should still have quite a few good years left, so whilst the result wasn't perfect it certainly was much better than it could've been.

September was such a good girl. She walked straight into the crush and barely moved the entire time. When it was all over she walked off again and proceeded to munch away as if nothing much had happened.

The mass we removed was roughly the size of an orange. I can't imagine how much pain and pressure this poor darlin must've been feeling.


PLEASE all - get your horses eyes checked. If this had been caught earlier, the operation could've been a quick 5 min job.

I'm so proud of her and so thankful to Olivia for helping her.


Miss September seems to be coping really well with her one eye.  Being pain free really must be helping.  She is still quite wary of you until she realises you are friendly then she is just so trusting and will do anything you ask of her.  I took this photo this morning - such a difference to the girl who first came to be with us.


Righto... here is the latest on our lovely girl. It seems she is 24 so she's definitely 'aged' in years, but definitely not in spirit.

Unfortunately an infection has come up in her operation site so she is back onto some heavy antibiotics (yes - the expensive ones). She also now has a drainage tube installed into her eye socket and I will be flushing it everyday with a solution to try and keep it clean until we can get this infection under control.

Three things will happen now - we may get on top of this infection and kick it to kingdom come - it may go away and come back again once the antibiotics are stopped - or it might not go away and she will need to be on them for the rest of her life.

We've come this far with our girl and I'm not giving up on her yet. I believe that while she is still very spritely, has an awesome appeitite, seems to be very happy with her new life and is happy, then we will do all we can to try and get rid of this infection and give her a comfy life. Sure she's older than what we thought, but she deserves a good go of it.

So - let's try and track down her brand and see who she is and give her the best possible life we can hey?

I'll post the photos of her brand on the Aussie Heavy Horses forum to see if someone on there recognises her too.

Near side brand



Offside Brand



How amazing is our network. Thanks to the new group Clydesdales Australia we seem to have tracked our girl down (thanks Terri!!). Everyone - please meet Yarramine Banner born 14th Oct 1987!! We are still tracking information on her, but this is what they have found out already for us.




Well Banner is now fully healed and coping really well with one eye.  She has had her teeth done and got the tick of approval from Olivia (our wonderful vet) last week and is ready to go to her new home in Victoria.  Thank you to everyone who showed an interest in offering our big girl a home.  You are all fantastic and I will keep your details on file for when we need a home for our future rescues.

We would like to thanks Olivia James from Brindabella Equine Mobile Veterinary Services and the wonderful Glen and Julia from Nashama Equine.  You helped us make a real difference to this grand old girl.

As it turns out, Banner was a mum to one filly and 4 or 5 colts.  One colt won the Land Cup!  What a great mare :)










So long Banner!!  xxx

Boxing Day saw our lovely Banner off to her new home with Sherry in country Victoria.  After one last visit from Nashama Equine's Glen and Julia for a pedicure, some chiro and some acupuncture to make sure everything was in order and Banner was comfy for her long trip, she was off.  To say I miss her is an understatement, but she is in great hands and now has a toy boy boyfriend named Lucky who is a 21yo clydie gelding also residing with Sherry.

So long Banner.... love you lots!  

What a magnificent success story she is.  Thank you so very very much to Glen and Julia from Nashama Equine, Olivia from Brindabella Equine Mobile Veterinary and to all our wonderful supporters who helped us raise funds to bring this sweetheart back to health.



Sadly Banner's cancer returned and located itself in her brain and was inoperable.  Our beautiful girl was given her wings to the Rainbow Bridge.  So long sweetheart, thank you for all that you taught us - Rest peacefully xxxx

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