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It's time for our resident clown Bundy to find his new circus!
Bundy is a large 17hh, Clydesdale cross breed approx 10yo gelding.
In the paddock, he is polite, keen to interact with other horses but his size can make him clumsy and a little overbearing. He gets very excited at feed time and can be a little pushy but responds well to consistent and firm voice aids.
Any paddock, yard, stall or stable he is put in must be as close to perfectly safe as possible. If there is something there that can cause any amount of injury, Bundy will find it. Fencing must be 100% horse proof and safe. Some horses can live in a junk yard and avoid injury. Bundy would not be able to.
He is well mannered when being caught and leads well. Due to his size and immaturity, he needs handling by an experienced adult.
He is well behaved when having his hooves done but can be a bit fidgety. This is not through any naughtiness, he just gets bored. Once again, his immaturity shows but there is nothing that consistent handling and education would not fix ? in fact, he would love the learning and attention. His hooves need regular, qualified bare foot trimming every 6-8 weeks.
He is a good doer and copes with any type of hay or feed. He is not in any way a fussy eater.
He has a VERY high play drive. The right owner will be able to harness this and create an amazing equine partner. This high play drive should always be taken into consideration when interacting with him or leaving things near him!
Bundy would benefit from an experienced equestrian looking to find a liberty partner. Bundy would do very well being a paddock ornament (as long as he had regular handling) but this would be a waste of his huge potential. He has a very clever brain, it just needs focus and good training. If the right human is partnered with this gorgeous horse, it will be a fun and rewarding partnership.
Bundy can sometimes be a little antsy to load on the float, but patience and reassurance will have him on and once on he travels beautifully.
Due to Bundy's previous injuries he is available as a companion/liberty prospect. His Lifetime Lease fee is $500.

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