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Who's Who?


Karen (Kazz) Hood is the founder of HHH.  Kazz has been a horse lover all her life and has always had a special soft spot for the heavies.  Her dream was to establish a place for these gentle giants to come and be cared for and with the help of the rest of the HHH committee and amazing band of donators and supporters, her dream has grown to become a successful rescue.

Kazz believes that she is learning something new each day and each "guest" that comes to HHH has a story and a lesson to teach her. 

Kazz brings her liaison and communication skills to the committee, engaging with media and industry professionals. She also has an extensive hands on role and works closely with these professionals to increase her training and handling knowledge.

Email:  info@heavyhorseheaven.com.au
Phone: 0423 846 113

 Fundraising Coordinator


To be updated

Volunteer Coordinator

Vicki Carn is a mum of one, nanny of four, who works full time in the Public Service. She can't really remember a time when she didn't have horses, she grew up with them around her, went through the pony club route, and spent many years successfully competing and showing mainly with Australian Stock Horses. She also competed in various events including jumping, sporting events and hack and rider classes. 

Her  family has owned lots of different sizes and breeds of horses, including a couple of Clydesdales and a Shire, but she currently has just the one little pony for her grandchildren to ride. She became involved with HHH because she believes in their vision, has a soft spot for heavy horses, and also because everyone involved with the organisation is in it for the right reasons.... the welfare of the horses

Email: hhhvolunteers@heavyhorseheaven.com.au


Phil Murphy is our Treasurer. Phil worked with Kazz in a previous role and warmly accepted the chance to help out (beyond his previous donations to HHH by way of chocolate purchases!) Whilst Phil does not have a background in horses or horse rescue, he does have an affinity with our gentle giants. As a CPA, Phil brings strong accounting and governance skills to the HHH committee. Phil has a background in the not-for-profit industry, and looks forward to working with a group of people who really believe in what they are doing. Also, to throw in something that just may come up in an obscure trivia night question, the name ‘Phillip’ means ‘lover of horses’! 

Email: accounts@heavyhorseheaven.com.au




Michelle Summers recently joined the HHH committee in the position of Secretary.  Michelle is a mother of 4 boys and works full time.  Michelle holds a Batchelor of Commerce and Advanced Diploma in Accounting along with a Diploma in Project Management and brings with her an extensive experience with large not-for-profit business.  Michelle wanted to help in some way with the work that HHH was doing, but not having hands on horse experience, she realised that her expertise in other areas where needed.  Michelle is an avid animal lover and believed in the HHH dream of helping the heavy horses of Australia.

Email: secretary@heavyhorseheaven.com.au

Extra Ordinary Member


Amanda Barret is a country girl at heart and lives in Canberra. She met Kazz at her first high tea for HHH and loved the idea of rescuing the big heavies.

She got talking to Kazz and asked if she needed help with giving the horses a bit of TLC and grooming etc. She gave Kazz her number and that was that.

She is able to go and visit on the weekends and other days that she has off. Her first introductions were to Zen and Charlie they have since gone on to find great new homes.

She loves horses - and getting to hang out with them is just perfect for her – so when Kazz asked if she would like to join the HHH Committee she agreed straight away.

"Seeing the horses come in as downtrodden sad souls, not sure what is going to happen to them – then they get lots of  love and attention and care that they need – and  eventually they come out of their shells - you see the potential that was always there and know it was worth all the hard work."

HHH is the voice for horses that can’t speak for themselves!