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helping heavy horses in need

Heavy Horse Heaven was established as a not-for-profit equine welfare organistation in 2011 dedicated to the gentle giants of the horse world.

HHH works to rehabilitate and rehome heavy horses from across Eastern NSW and the ACT.


Located in Yass, NSW on rolling acres you will find Karen "Kazz" Hood working with her team of volunteers and supporters at Heavy Horse Heaven (HHH).

The HHH 'Guests' come in all shapes but mostly one size, big!

From Clydesdales to Shires and all mixes in between, the Guests are brought in and provided the care and love they deserve. 

Some cases are heartbreaking with clear signs of neglect and abuse but others are sadly surrendered by owners no longer able to provide safety, time and nourishment for their much-loved steed.



RESCUE - through any means including surrenders, slaughter sales and alerts of abandoned animals

REHABILITATE - with some horses this means rebuilding trust or restoring health

RETRAIN - for those with the potential, we retrain with the assistance of equine professionals to become valuable members of the horse community

REHOME - we look to find suitable long term homes for each horse, sometimes as a companion animals and other times with loving riders

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