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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the rehabilitation process?
    Once a horse comes into care they are assessed by our wonderful vet for health, hoof or body problems. They're started on an individually tailored diet program and brought back to optimum condition. Their mental stability is assessed and, if needed, they will enter the HHH training program to learn basic handling, manners and self-confidence. By this stage HHH has a good idea of what each horse is capable of and the type of lifestyle/forever home they would be suitable for. We strive to find a perfect match when rehoming our Guests.
  • How long do the horses stay in care?
    Every HHH Guest has different needs. There is no way to tell how long it will take to rehabilitate a horse, quite often it’s the horses mental state that will dictate the length of rehabilitation rather than its physical. Once we believe a Guest is ready we will notify the HHH community that we're accepting lifetime lease applications, and we consider every application very carefully. There is no preference given to early applications or expressions of interest. It is not until the horse has completed the rehabilitation process that we will know what type of home they will be suited to. We invite you to follow their progress through our social pages and website. Links to our Instagram and Facebook pages can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • How can I donate?
    Visit our 'Donations' page where you can contribute to HHH.
  • Are donations tax deductable?
    All donations $2 and over are tax deductible. If you have donated please send the details through to for your receipt.
  • I don’t have any money, how else can I help?"
    We love all our followers and understand that finances can be tight. Just by taking an interest in our page and letting others know we exist along with providing moral support and following the stories of our heavy guests is a huge help. Rescue can be an emotionally hard and heartbreaking experience and every little bit of support we receive helps us to keep on through the bad days. Visit our 'How to Help' page for other ways you can contribute or our 'Volunteer' page to get involved.
  • Can I volunteer?
    Yes. We would love to hear from anyone who is willing to spend time helping us in all sorts of areas. Contact our team via the 'Volunteer' page contact form. We will send you a Volunteers Information Pack to get you started. All areas of help are needed from hands on with our Guests, to property maintenance and publicity (i.e. assisting to man stalls at events etc).
  • Does HHH buy horses?
    We rescue horses in several different manners such as surrender or sales. If we purchase a horse through a sale it is only if that horse is in danger of going to a kill buyer, we do not bid against those wishing to give the horse a home. We do not buy horses from private sellers, however if for any reason you find yourself unable to care for your horse we do accept surrenders.
  • Do you sell your horses?
    When they're ready, our horses are leased out on lifelong lease contracts. These are a legally binding document with specific conditions in place to ensure that no HHH Graduate is ever in danger again.
  • Is there a cost involved?
    There is a large cost involved with each and every rescue, so we do charge a lease fee. This is a nominal fee that acts as a HHH Graduates way of contributing to the next needy soul. We can't recover the cost of each Guest's time with us but this goes to help us care for another.
  • I am interested in a specific horse, what can I do?"
    When each Guest is ready, HHH will make them available for lease applications. Each horse is very carefully matched to the right home. This is acheived through an extensive questionnaire and results are aligned to our Graduate's needs, potential and personality. It’s wonderful that we have lots of home offers for every Guest, this may mean you're not able to lease the specific horse you were looking at. However, HHH plans on being around for a VERY long time and if you have room in your heart and paddock for a HHH Guest and are patient your Graduate soul mate may be just around the corner! Get in touch with us via our Contact Us page to find out more or to complete a questionnaire.
  • Can I come visit HHH?
    Heavy Horse Heaven is located in Yass, just outside of Canberra. It is situated at a private residence, however if you contact Karen through our 'Contact Us' page she can organise a time for you to visit HH HQ.
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